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Weird dream

A few weeks back I had this dream here it is,

Ok here I go, I was on this square rock, sitting their beside the water, holding, you know those, plastic 
thing witha ball on it and you trow it for dogs, I had one of those and I was swirling it around in the 
water, then I trew it in. then I was walking down the trail home, and ran into my neighbor, she had a 
pile of papers with a black and white castle, she told me that this rich irainan was living their and as we 
were talking, soilders were walking by, so I went and walked with her a little and saw this huge castle 
made of metal with one half black the other half white, then I was walking home and came up to my 
house, and went in side, next thing I know I was sleeping on the couch and the phone ran, my mom 
came in and she was hold this light purple egg, with writing all over it. then I woke up.
I have no idea what it means

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